Remaking the Eiffel Tower every day with a creative prompt

Have you ever challenged yourself to a daily creative practice? For a while I’ve been wanting to take one of the 107 Synectics trigger questions and do something creative with one of the prompts every day.

Here’s a sampling of some random trigger questions:

  • Apply factors of repetition and progression [Animate]
  • Separate, divide, split, dissect [Fragmentate]
  • What if subject has human qualities? [Empathize]

But it’s a bit too much work for something so completely random.

Now I’ve found an easy way of doing this.

Every morning, I download the current Eiffel tower webcam image. With the different weather and lighting every day, the image changes slightly, but the subject matter remains constant.

From there, I let chance lead the way, selecting a random Synectics prompt to reimagine this iron marvel. It’s an interplay between the current moment captured by the webcam and the serendipity of the prompts.

But I noticed a pattern—the resulting images began to mirror each other, all donning the digital generic look of computer-generated graphics.

Adding in art styles

Yearning for variety, I introduced another element of randomness: art styles. This twist brought a fresh perspective, infusing each creation with an unexpected personality.

Here’s a handy list of 100 DALL·E 3 prompt styles:

Granted, a lot of these styles totally look AI-generated. But there are some that could work: woodcut, ukiyo-e, silk-screen, pixel-art, linocut, and art-deco.

The different prompt styles help, especially when I also tell ChatGPT to make the image flat. Truth be told, the results are still mixed. Often, they continue to feel too AI.

Today’s fusion turned out pretty interesting.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s reimagined vision of Paris

To see the newest images, I post them on Bluesky at I’ll continue to keep generating these images daily. If anything, they help me to become more atuned to how to use various Dall-E styles.

Maybe you’ll join Bluesky and follow my @EiffelLive account. (anyone can join Bluesky now. Invite codes are no longer needed). Think of Bluesky as the Twitter alternative. My regular Bluesky posts are at

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