Googlie eyes over Paris

A break in the clouds over the Eiffel Tower resulted in this interesting gap. It looked like a bit of a mouth. I saved the image from the Eiffel Tower webcam, and photoshopped on a pair of googlie eyes.

The result looks a bit like Cookie Monster peering over Paris. What would you title this image?

  • Giant Cookie Monster Peers over Paris
  • Paris, about to be eaten
  • Clouds say hi
  • Eiffel Devour (because “devour” rhymes with “tower”)
  • Eiffel Sour
  • Truffle Tower (yes, truffle towers are a thing)

What was that Muppet monster that used to eat people whole? Gorgon Heap? (From Muppets Eating Muppets).

Screenshot from The Muppet Show: Wayne & Wanda - "Some Enchanted Evening"

Although Gorgon has jagged teeth. He doesn’t look like the face in these clouds.

Interestingly enough, a few moments later, the Eiffel Tower webcam produced this amazing image.

This image is not produced by AI. Nor enhanced by Photoshop. Those are the legit clouds. You can check out the webcam live. Or see my tweets with @eiffellive.

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1 year ago

Well, the light blue exposed sky reads “mouth” so I would definitely say Paris, about to be eaten nom nom nom!

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