Feats of Amazement in Chicago on YouTube

I want to do video tape a series called “Feats of Amazement in Chicago.”

  1. Somersault the length of Tribune Tower

    If I had me a video camera, I would have someone tape me doing somersaults across the entire length of the hallway of the tribune tower. First i would start with a video of the tower from the outside. Then it would cut into the hallway. That way people can see that i somersaulted across the entire width of the tribune tower

    A feat of amazement!

  2. Virgin Music Store shortcut

    And then I would video tape me using the revolving doors in the Virgin Music Store on Michigan ave. They have revolving doors on both the michigan ave street side, and the intersecting street of Ohio Street. These doors are right next to each other, and i like to use them to cut the corner.

    It’s amazing!

  3. Climb the Chicago Bean

    Then I would have someone video tape me trying to climb the Chicago Bean.

    for the bean, i would attempt to climb it


Once I get my hands on a video camera, I’m gonna record these. But why wait? It would be hilarious if other people recorded their own “Feats of Amazement in Chicago.” Go ahead, I DARE you to try any of these listed here. Or be even more daring and make up your own!

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Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
14 years ago

The Bean thing is probably going to be tough with the lack of traction or anything to pull yourself up with. Maybe you could invest in some of those suction cup things that window washers sometimes use. I bet that would help.

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
14 years ago

Haha! That would be funny to watch… Oh! Maybe you can find some suction cup shoes and gloves with a bunch of LITTLE suction cups on them–that way you’d look more like Spider-Man!

Andre Alforque
14 years ago

I’d loan you my miniDV and give you blank tape just to see you try to climb Cloud Gate. I wonder if you would be chased on foot, or by a gang of Segways?

14 years ago

I live in Hawaii. If I come up with any feats of amazement here then I’ll have it recorded and display it to you. I have a point-and-shoot that can take pretty good video. Also, this is my new favorite blog.

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