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I just ordered a bunch of stuff off to promote my site. Here’s what i got:
* 36 plastic leis (gonna put a little spudart tag on it)
* 12 beach balls (with written on it)
* 96 tiny plastic lizards (with written on the bottom)
I’ll drop the lizards at random spots at the taste. Hang the Leis on trees and statues at the taste. And throw the beach ball at Cubs games this year.

I also got 216 plastic american flags. But I’m not gonna put my URL or anything on that. I got the flags so I can put them all over downtown chicago during the work week before July 4th. And I’ll take pics of where I put all the flags. Just spreading around the Americana spirit.

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laura k.
laura k.
21 years ago

are they putting “” on it for you or are you doing that yourself?

Tom Saaristo
21 years ago

u’re a friggin’ genius.

I’m inspired! I should DEFINETLY put something together for TASTE…DUH!

laura k.
laura k.
21 years ago

or you could make little labels and stick them on, if the spot for sticking-on isn’t too small. tho prob not as permanent as the sharpie.

amy beth
21 years ago


Tom Saaristo
21 years ago
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