I like deep lakes and rivers

Frozen Chicago River & Wrigley Building (3)--revisited

(polar bear cannonball anyone?)

The fact that rivers and lakes have a bottom oddly unsettles me. Is that strange? I want to be able to safely cannonball into the Chicago River from the Michigan Avenue bridge.

Third grade. Family trip to Canada. When my dad would drop the anchor in the lake for us to fish. I found it odd that the anchor would thud so close to our boat below. How can the lake be only nine feet deep? It’s so wide. Would sort of bipedal creature living below reach up and grab our boat? That happens in Canada, y’know.

The same fear holds true for the Chicago River. The average depth of the Chicago River is ten feet. Does that bother anyone? I find it unsettling. I want that sucker deep. Like Lake Michigan, it averages a 279 foot depth. Ahhh, nice deep lake. I can safely cannonball into Lake Michigan.

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14 years ago

Well, I don’t like shallow lakes, say less than 3 feet but that’s mainly because then I might have to touch the bottom and they’re often gross. BUT, I am much more terrified of extremely deep lakes! I figure that if the lake is extremely deep, one – not only is it much colder, but two-the creatures at the bottom could be much bigger than the ones in the little lake (little fishbowl-little fish idea) and they would be in a much better position, size wise, to just eat me whole. Plus, I bet they have really good eyes and can see legs, arms and fingers dangling in the water above from way, way down in the depths. Now if the lake had no bottom at all, then it would just be all the more reason for those scary creatures to roam the entire expanse of the water and possible end up near the top, where I am. Now I’m not sure if there are Sturgeon in Lake Michigan, but there sure are Sturgeon where I live, and I’d rather not have that creature coming up from the depths unless I caught it with my fishing rod.

14 years ago

I do not have the same recollection of the anchor in Canada that you have, and we were in the boat together. Though we caught those awesome blue gills. I have never caught another fish since then. Kinda weird to think of that. Going fishing with Dad is one of the many great childhood memories that I have. The Chicago River averages 10 feet deep? WHAT! I’ll never look at the Chicago River the same way. I would have guessed 30 feet. 10 feet is nothing! I still think it would be cool to drain the Chicago River and turn it into a super long half pipe for skateboarding. I think I told you that like 6 years ago and you got terribly offended.

14 years ago

What are these “blue gills” that you caught and where about in Canada did you find them?

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