IDEA: cool tissue box covers

Kleenex makes two types of tissue box designs:

1) The predominant designs found on tissue boxes are of the feminine aesthetic. Flowery, flowy pieces of CRAP. Narrrr! I am man! I want manly tissue box covers.

2) The other type: sports designs. Bears tissue box covers. Uf. That’s nice and all, but c’mon. So cliche. to the rescue! or not. Etsy currently offers three ok designs:

The skull box. By far the most masculine. But skulls? c’mon. LAME!

The spongebob tissue box. It’s not manly, but Spongebob just rules.

And the cow tissue box. This one is utterly… well, just ok.

Anyone have any suggestions for what would make a super cool tissue box that one can easily make? I’d like one made out of steel and rusty wire. But I don’t have those materials just lying around. Maybe will have some interesting patterns I can just print and put onto a cardboard box.

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Skulls and crossbones are so 2003 and not particularly categorized as masculine or feminine, at least not to me. Puffs has a better selection of designs. I’ve seen plaids, world maps, sports-themes, etc. I do like the idea of a rusty tissue box cover though, or something made out of a chrome bumper.

Andy Wells
Andy Wells
16 years ago

I have some ideas for manly box covers you could make yourself. 1. Easter Island Statue Tissue Box cover (The Kleenex comes out of the statues nose) MOAI Statue 2. For a halloween theme carve a pumpkin into a tissue box holder. It could get a bit messy if you don’t clean out the gunk inside. Wouldn’t it be sweet to pull a kleenex out of a pumpkin! 3. You could make a wire tissue box pumpkin for halloween too! It wouldn’t have the authentic pumpkin smell however. 4. Roadkill tissue box cover. Why do we let those beautiful rabbit pelts rot on the road. Next time you see some roadkill with a nice coat stop and convert it into the most manly tissue cover ever! For dramatic effect the Kleenex should come out of the mouth of the animal.

16 years ago

Not particularly cheap, but you can create your OWN Kleenex boxes at

16 years ago

I’ve always shared a similar dissatisfaction with tissue box design. Some places sell just flat colors. I believe Target sells (sold) them. Check backgrounds are also predominantly feminine. hmph.

16 years ago

How about a TNT box with a plunger that you push down and a tissue ejects out of the box?

16 years ago

You *did* mean that the cow cover was “udderly” just okay, right? Not “utterly,” right? Udderly. Thanks for such a great blog, Matt. Best, Mary

16 years ago

How about one that looks like an old fashioned rotary phone, but when you lift the receiver there’s a hole with tissues coming out? Or one which is perfectly round? That would make getting tissues challenging and maybe kind of fun, uless you were sick and miserable. My father bought some plain wooden tissue box covers at some craft store – Michael’s maybe? – and then he would spray paint them, and then sometimes decoupage on top of that. Each bathroom in his home now has a perfectly coordinated tissue box cover. When I was in high school, I would take boxes of tissues, paper or paint over the entire outside, and collage on top of that – a lot of trouble for something that can’t be reused, but better than those damn white flowers on the grey background that we always seemed to have in my house.

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