IDEA: make a jumbo jet into a kite

Jumbo Jet as kite

What if you took a rope that is 30,000 feet long and attached it to the jet? Better hang on tight, cuz they fly around 500 mph. For some reason i picture the rope dangling down all the time, but if the plane goes that fast, then you’ll be trailing BEHIND the plane, rather than dangling BELOW the plane. But it sure would be fun if you could dangle below the plane dodging buildings.

The sheer length of the rope is impressive too. 30,000 feet is 5.6 miles. If you are standing there with a five-mile-long rope, it’ll take a while for all the rope to finally start liftoff with the plane.

Oh maybe it should be a long rope attached to a hot air balloon. That’s a much better idea. Can you imagine just seeing someone go by your window hanging onto a rope? And then you look up in the sky and you can barely see the hot air balloon. It would be cooler if a person could dangle below the jumbo jet, cuz that’s like REALLY high in the sky.

Thanks to Vera for inspiring this post.

Just how high can a hot air balloon go?

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11 years ago

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