Most-read posts made in 2009

The number in parenthesis is the number of hits the post got in 2009.

  1. Oprah group dance on Michigan Avenue has inspiration in previous YouTube viral video


    I shot a video of this performance and put it up on Youtube. It got 2.5 million views. To get that many clicks, I used some social media optimization and youtube keyword strategy. With 2.5 million views, it’s no surprise that the accompanying blog post would be my number one most-viewed item in 2009.

  2. The world’s best Facebook status messages (8,505)

    I got a ton of google searches for facebook status messages in July.

  3. FUN: Look up your initials on (3,801)

    Oddly, I got zero google traffic for searches containing the words urban dictionary. This must have just gotten some good linkage.

  4. QUESTION: If you got a tattoo, what would you get and where would you put it? (3,506)

    The photo in this post is my 4th most viewed photo on flickr. It’s crazy. I just drew on my fingers and the photo has 16,000 views now. What really drives it is that Google images has this image ranked like fifth for a search on finger tattoos.

  5. IDEA: Facebook app of most common friends (3,110)

    People love googling facebook stuff!

  6. World’s largest working cell phone gets pranked (3,075)

    This is a funny story, I’m glad it made the most-viewed in 2009.

  7. The 10 funniest balloon boy jokes on twitter (2,464)

    Oh boy. I kinda regret making this post.

  8. My run-in with Ronnie Woo Woo at the Tribune Tower (1,751)

    Another funny story in the top ten! Yay!

  9. How to save the Michigan Avenue Borders bookstore (1,609)

    This one gets Borders workers all fired out. Kinda reminiscent of the 140+ comments on the Campaign for a Papa Johns in Chicago

  10. Philly-style pizza mystery (1,398)

    A mystery is always good.

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14 years ago

mad props for your oprah video. 2.5 million views officially puts you in the internet sensation group. Congrats! My favorite out of the ten is probably the finger tattoos. It’s an interesting topic that everyone can easily share their thoughts. The Borders comments are crah-zy. Some of the comments reflect on how some people get so wrapped up in the environment and daily grind of their job that they lose complete persepective of the customers/clients they are serving. And I’m glad you made a reference to the Papa Johns post. That’s another spudart classic. And I love Papa Johns pizza. The facebook posts don’t do much for me. For the past year or two I haven’t been using the apps on Facebook at all. I got burnt out doing that baseball card app. I’ll have to dig up my top ten posts. I’m sure my #1 post doesn’t even come close the total for your #10 post.

Erin Ellis
14 years ago

are there any that didn’t make top ten that you wish would have?

Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

I’m not surprised by #4, that was one of the cutest things I saw all year!!

Erin Ellis
14 years ago

oh yes. the inauguration photo was a good one, too. i even posted it on my blog!

14 years ago

wow! this is impressive. So far my favs: photo of your finger tattoos and the largest cell phone haha! … I’m not even close to checking out all the FAB items on your list! I’ll be back! 😀

14 years ago

Your Borders letter is right-on! I can think of quite a few other stores that can benefit from your advice. Always confused me. A store makes money when people pay for things. So. Why not make it easier for them to … pay for things! OK, now I’m just repeating what you already said. But what a great letter! They should have sent you a gift card or something! (they’re still there right? maybe I’ll mosey in this weekend to see if lines are still long) 🙂 —– your urbandictionary initial post cracks me up. I think someone on FB may be copying you. There’s a thing going around where you’re supposed to look up your first name. You’re an idea trendsetter!

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