Musical cars, measuring days, M&M’s, etymology, and hot coals (My 5 favorite tweets from Oct/Nov 2009)

My top five favorite tweets I made in October and November 2009 via @spudart:

For one week I’d like each car on CTA trains to play a different genre of music. Just to see if people pick a particular car to sit in.

Sun Nov 29 16:32:40

I open Psalms up to a random page, the first verse I read is “what is the measure of my days” Rather fitting that today is my bday

Fri Nov 20 18:27:15

I want to pay for stuff with peanut M&M’s

Mon Nov 16 08:18:04

I’d like to explore the etymology of the words enjoy and appreciate

Thu Oct 15 14:33:24

When I walk down the hallway at work with no shoes on, sometimes I like to pretend I’m walking on a bed of hot coals.

Tue Oct 06 20:39:35

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