My 5,000th bookmark on is a great online bookmarking service. Use it to bookmark all the cool sites you find, and then in the future when you are trying to remember the name of a site, BADDA-BING BADDA-BANG! You can find it easily.

You might say, “oh well, i can bookmark them in browser.” Yeeeeeeah. Well. Do you want a bloated 5,000 bookmarks in your browser? I sure don’t. And if they are in your browser, then you have to plop the site into one folder. With Delicious, you can assign as many tags as you want to a site. It makes it so easy to find sites you’ve bookmarked.

It’s ridiculously great.

I also use it to bookmark all the interesting things that I print out online. I assign them with a tag of print. You can take a gander at

But for now, I celebrate my FIVE THOUSANDTH bookmark. And it’s a dandy too. The “How are you doing today?” project. Just as an example of how delicious tags work. I tagged this site with:

* question (30)

* chicago (562)

* art (116)

* podcast (25)

* goodidea (67)

(The numbers in parenthesis are the number of bookmarks I have under that tag.)

And for those who like to have a backup of your bookmarks, Delicious lets you export your bookmarks for safe keeping. Aaaaand. There’s a Delicious extension for Firefox to make bookmarking super easy from your browser.

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11 years ago

I need to give delicious another shot. I’m sure a bookmark hoarder. I have thousands upon thousands of bookmarks and it does make my Firefox slower. Safari is incredibly slow with all my bookmarks.

Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

At the risk of sounding like a total dirty dog, aren’t the bookmarks you create on viewable by the public? There are just some links I want to keep private

11 years ago

My delicious usage has dwindled significantly.. to 0. Like moose, I’m going to have to give it another shot. Also, Firefox lets you tag bookmarks now. 🙂

11 years ago

Tom, you can set them to be private if you want 🙂

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
11 years ago

Haaa! Tom you ARE a dirty dog! LOL j/k Spud — not to sound like a total square, but how do you remember where you put a certain bookmark? For example, say I want to bookmark Cute Overload, but I don’t remember what tag I assigned it. THEN what do I do?! As you know Spud, if I don’t get my daily dose of cute, I am simply impossible to deal with ;D

11 years ago

Why don’t you just subscribe to the RSS feed for Cute Overload? 🙂 And icanhascheezburger 😉 And while you’re at it 😛

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