New mousepad wanted

My current mousepad at work is all dirty and grungy. Time for a new one. If you have a cool mousepad that you aren’t using, please send it to:

Tribune Media Services
Matt Maldre
435 N. Michigan Ave
Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60611

If you send me one, I’ll mail you something fun in return. My only restriction is that the mousepad be uncoated. No slick surfaces. I want it to be a cloth-like surface. Thanks! I’ll even post a picture of any new mousepads on my site!

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laura k.
laura k.
20 years ago

great idea… hey, i want a new apartment! if you have one you’re not using, just let me know the address and i’ll move right on in. i’ll send you something cool in return, like a pack of gum. thanx!

Tom Saaristo
20 years ago


I have a great [if I do say so myself”> mousepad at my cafe press store…and I’m selling it wholesale!

It’s cloth and really quite clever.

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