Percentage of people who read the comics in the newspaper every day

SmarterChild is an instant message bot that you can ask questions. You can also IM the word “poll” to SmarterChild and it will ask you a question. Then it will give you the percentage of what others responded. Here’s a recent poll it asked:

Do you read at least some of the comics in the newspaper every day?

682 people have voted so far

Yes: ]]]]]]]]] 27.57%

No: ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 72.43%

Wow 72%. That stinks for comic strips. But hmmm, 27% actually sound pretty good. A) To have some pick up a newspaper EVERY day. B) To have someone read some funnies.

Update 13 years later: 
SmarterChild is unfortunately no longer online. And you can barely even find any images of him! So I recreated the Smarterchild logo icon in high resolution. 3800×4000 pixels. Here it is:
SmarterChild chatbot logo icon at high resolution

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laura k.
laura k.
18 years ago

i had two bots instantly added to my AIM, called MovieFone and ShoppingBuddy. i don’t particularly want either of these. but the SmarterChild one sounds interesting. how do i get it?

laura k.
laura k.
18 years ago

i’m chatting with SmarterChild right now! it asked me some questions, about my hobbies and pets. and i just took the daily poll. now it’s telling me about astronomy. this is weird.

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

SmarterChild is just plain sassy! I’ve asked some questions and it says things like “How would I know that?” or “Why do you want to know?” or “Oh yeah?” … Sorry SmarterChild, but I don’t seem to know your code words!

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