Potato chips and computers don’t work

I haven’t eaten potato chips in years. Last week, I got the strange urge for some tater chips. I’m currently finding out that eating potato chips while at the computer just doesn’t work. Your hands get all greasy, and I’m constantly wiping them off on a paper towel, before I put my hand back on the mouse. Ick.

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laura k.
laura k.
22 years ago

oh my, i have had quite the plethora of potato chip-computer experiences, being a simultaneous potato-chip-addict and computer-operator. greasy fingers is a problem. my solution is to have a box of kleenex on my desk and to use it as napkins. i have also been known to hoard napkins from various lunch-going places for this purpose as well. you can always lick your fingers if no one is watching. yeah…i bet if you removed all my keyboard keys, there would be like the equivalent of a whole bag of chips in there (in little tiny pieces, of course).

laura k.
laura k.
22 years ago

in fact, just yesterday i was trying to come up with a new invention: some new kind of potato chip bag that would dispense the chip right into your mouth, bypassing your hands. like the same engineering concept as a pez dispenser. so you wouldn’t have to reach all the way down into the greasy bag to get the last bits.

dave bug
22 years ago

You’d think potato chips would be a key ingredient of spud art. Or I would, anyway.

Laura, they do have this weird “cup o’ chips” thing at grocery stores now, designed so that your chip container will fit into your car cup-holder. I’d hate to make the wrong choice of which one’s the drink, though.

laura k.
laura k.
22 years ago

wow, nifty! now all i need is a car.

i’ll have to investigate this. shucks, i was going to invent it myself and retire at the age of 28 with my millions. processed potato foods are the backbone of american culture.

yeah, i think matt just likes to sit there and stare at potatoes, rather than eat them. he is a potato-hypocrite (potato-crite?).

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