Responding to every tweet for one day

so many tweets with zero replies

All those tweets in the world with no reply. People putting their thoughts and observations out into the world. But then left hanging. Is anybody reading? Or do most people on Twitter post tweets, and not read tweets?

What if for one day, you responded to every single tweet in your stream?

Ok, that might be a bit much. Perhaps you can limit this activity to just people you know. Take everyone you know in real life, add them to a Twitter list. And then from those people, respond to every single one of their tweets.

I already have a Twitter list of people I know. Every single one of these tweets I read. The list is called “rad people.” Seriously, I read every single tweet from this list. A few times every day, I scroll through this list. I often think about how many of these tweets have no reply. And it makes me a little sad.

As an experiment, I want to try to leave a reply to every single tweet. But honestly for most of the tweets, I don’t know what I’d say in reply. Maybe I need to brush up on my conversation techniques. Exercise more curiosity.

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