Sammy Sosa’s boombox

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boombox of sammy sosa Panasonic SC-AK33

0 of 4 people rated my review of Sammy Sosa’s boombox as helpful. What?! Don’t people want to know what boombox Sammy Sosa owned? It’s the Panasonic SC-AK33 Compact Stereo System.

Here is the review from March 10, 2003:

This is the exact same model that Chicago Cubs slugger, Sammy Sosa blasts in the clubhouse. Now you too can be like Sammy and blast your tunes to unheard of decibels. Hitting 66 homeruns is not a guarantee however.

You can still visit the boombox on amazon and give my review a helpful vote.

Update, 13 years later: My review has three helpful votes!
amazon review of sammy sosa's boombox

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18 years ago

ha ha! i added positive feedback. 1 out of 5. It’s easy to do. You just hit the YES button. That’s it.

Andy Wells
Andy Wells
18 years ago

I gave you a positive feedback ranking too. It’s hard to believe that people don’t find this tidbit of information helpful.

18 years ago

is this the same boombox they bashed with a bat when sammy left? i wonder how it held up to the bat bashing. maybe you can try and find out and add that to your review.

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