Share a list of all your iphone apps

Star Wars: Battle for Hoth for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Share your entire iphone app list with others. I’d like an app that can do that. And share the folders you use to organize your apps. While, yes, many would argue they don’t want people to know ALL their apps. But then you could just “mark as private” specific apps.

It would be fun to have an automatically updated list of all the apps you own and whenever a friend downloads a new app, you get a notification. That way, when you see a new app a friend downloaded, you can ask, “Hey, how do you like that ABC app you downloaded?” And it would spur people to use more apps, and also creating more community with users of the iphone.

(btw, the image in this blog post features the super cool app, Star Wars: Battle for Hoth, available on the iTunes store.)

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11 years ago

My list of iphone apps is very short (I have no iphone or ipod touch or ipad, but my wife has an ipod touch). Here’s my list: Brushes (painting app)

Andre Alforque
11 years ago

I’ve posted the lists before on my own Blog, can’t remember the last time I updated it. I don’t think an App to share out what I’ve got for my setup is useful to anyone else but myself, though. It’s a bit like the #FF phenomenon on Twitter; unless you give me context, just listing out names to follow isn’t helpful. I need to know why I should install an app.

11 years ago

We’re going to offer a solution for you in a few weeks. The iPhone app is called App Popular Recommendations. The first update will seamlessly deal with this issue! Thank you! -John 🙂

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