Sticky Note Comics: Don’t wear headphones in an elevator

Sticky Note Comics: Headphones on elevator

Seriously though. Do you really need to listen to your headphones for that extra thirty seconds in the elevator? What if someone wanted to talk to you?

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16 years ago

If I saw someone to talk to.. I’d take them off. 🙂 Those 2 on the right have some crazy diagonal balancing abilities. I like.

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Long live your Sticky Note Comics! Nice border! Looks like something I might do. And I do say such with a great deal of humility. It’s inside [the border”> that counts. ;o)

16 years ago

It’s interesting to watch the evolution of the Sticky Notes comic. Keep them coming!

Andre Alforque
16 years ago

There is someone that goes into the cafeteria with headphones on in the morning. I don’t think he takes them off until he gets to his desk. And even then, I’m not sure he takes them off. Very odd.

16 years ago

Maybe the cafeteria headphones person isn’t listening to music. Maybe he’s wearing one of those fancy hearing aid devices that allows him to listen to conversations hundreds of feet away. Watch what you say!

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