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New word: weekstart

word: weekstart definition: The start of the work week. Typically Monday. People say “have a happy weekend” on Fridays. On Mondays people greet each other with a happy weekstart. example: It’s Monday, happy weekstart! tags: monday, time, day, week, weekend, beginning, start first usage: In a sticky note comics post

Wish your co-workers a Happy weekstart

“Have a good weekend!” Co-workers wish each other this all the time. How about when you get back to work? I’m gonna start saying “Happy weekstart!”

Elevator Bouncy Ball Challenge

How many times can you get a bouncy ball to bounce off the walls of an elevator? I got nine. That doesn’t seem like much.

Today is day #732,951

Some thoughts on dates since January 1, 0001: October 1, 2007 would be day number 732,951 starting from the beginning of AD in January 1, 0001. It’s been 1,055,449,440 minutes. That’s just a tad over 1 billion minutes. (One billion minutes happened on Monday, April 28, 1902) Day #750,000 will occur on Friday, June 5, …

Today is day #732,951