299 more days until the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy

The Olympic countdown is on!

Here’s a stickie note cartoon based on an IM conversation with MrBilly. I will be posting more stickie note cartoons on this blog. They are just quick fun things that might develop into a comic strip. But for now, they are just capturing different dialog ideas in a comic strip format.

Now you can buy a t-shirt or mug that features this stickie note cartoon. There are over 25 different t-shirt types such as ringer, fitted, baby, sweatshirt, and long-sleeve to choose from. Be the coolest kid on your block today!

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Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

I LOVE the Winter Olympics. MUCH more than the Summer Olympics. I can’t wait! LUGE, BABY!! :w00t:

19 years ago

this AIM comic strip is a great idea. very good. should the toons be more refined? something to think about. it’s nice that it’s basic and rude. But if you are going to start developing series of this, you should consider developing a consistent look that won’t get old and stale. I’m not saying it should be super-refined. It just needs to have some sort of consistent technique that won’t get boring fast.

19 years ago

i see. it’s best to let the comic develop and evolve. It would become to overwhelming if you went gung-ho and developed full blown characters from the start. You are letting the nature of the instant message develop the comic. That’s good. Though I could see this turning into a full blown comic book with characters doing crazy things related to the conversation. Or perhaps they don’t even need to relate to the story. You could be telling two stories in the comic: one with the AIM conversations and one with the drawn subjects. You really don’t see that at all in comic books. The drawn subject matter always relates to the written word. Why is that? It would an interesting adventure if the two didn’t directly relate. I’ve started exploring some of those notions the past few days. I bought 80 comic books for $10! I’m cutting the comics up into different shapes.

19 years ago

yes! that’s exactly what i was thinking about. The words and the conversation don’t relate. It’s great! Dinosaurs. People love dinosaurs. Especially when they’re destroying things. Though I really don’t like the technique used to draw that comic. I don’t like the font either.

18 years ago

awsome bro

18 years ago

this is so cool boo ya

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