Today is day #732,951

Happy 732,951th day!: Sticky Note Comics

Some thoughts on dates since January 1, 0001:

  • October 1, 2007 would be day number 732,951 starting from the beginning of AD in January 1, 0001.
  • It’s been 1,055,449,440 minutes. That’s just a tad over 1 billion minutes. (One billion minutes happened on Monday, April 28, 1902)
  • Day #750,000 will occur on Friday, June 5, 2054. (btw, Google Calendar only lets you add events up to the year 2050)
  • Week #105,000 starts on Friday, May 10, 2013.

You can subscribe to the calendar here:

I was also thinking today could be 2007.274 (for the 274th day of 2007), but since 2007.274 is an actual decimal number, it assumes that there would be 1,000 days in the year. (here’s a cool perpetual calendar that shows you the day number of the year)

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16 years ago

I have different math. 2006 x 365 + (2006/4) = 732691. That’s 2,006 years times the number of calendar days plus leap year days.

16 years ago

But 732,951 wouldn’t be followed by “th”… since the last number is a 1, it would be “st” for “first”!

16 years ago

Moose.. you’re forgetting to add in the 274 days we’ve gone through in 2007. Adding 274 to your math (which is right) gets us 732965, which is only a 14 day difference. I’m wondering if maybe in those 2006 years we skipped a few leap years?

16 years ago

Today is 2007.7561643835616438356164383562.

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