Sticky note desk and sticky note public art


This sticky note table is right up my alley. Sticky notes are so versatile. There are so many ways to use them.

I use them for public artwork. They are non-destructive and able to make a message. If a viewer likes the art so much, he/she can simply take the artwork off the place. Or if the property owner doesn’t want artwork on their property, removal is super easy.

Sticky note art in public makes people happy because it encites thoughts, but isn’t destructive.

I like bright yellow leaves

From the I like series

Leaving notes on things that I like.

If you take these speakers, you must play Bach on them once a week. These speakers enjoy Bach.

From the Alley giveaway series

When getting rid of stuff, I like to place it in my alley. People take stuff right away. And since I’m putting stuff in the alley, I might as well put a fun note on it for that extra surprise!

Call to God: Richard Francis Chicago Police Officer Death

From the Call to God series

Prayers written on sticky notes, then place on public phones.

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