Talk like a trucker

Dropping truck driving terms in an office conversation is like an air-horn of fresh thinking.

(From the April 2004 issue of Men’s Health)

  • Bad Load: Cargo that doesn’t pay much. “The Tate project is such a bad load, I can’t even con the new guy into taking it. “
  • Bill Big Rig: Idiotic driver. “She was going to give me her number, until that Bill Big Rig cut in.”
  • Checking Ground Pressure: Weighing trucks and not checking for other violations. “Don’t worry, the boss is just checking ground pressure today.”
  • Dead Keying: Stepping on someone’s radio transmission. “Every time I tried to make a point at the meeting, Sarah was dead keying me.”
  • Gouge on it: Speed up. “Gouge on it, they need that report by 10.”
  • Seat Cover: Attractive woman. “Mr. Wiggins go himself a hot new seat cover for an assistant.”

Yeah, I copied that directly, so I’ll give them a plug. Subscribe to Men’s Health today!

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Tom Saaristo
20 years ago

I’m going to be a good boy and keep my response PG-13. Most of those terms are clearly code for something else.

laura k.
laura k.
20 years ago

ouch, this reminds me of the people i work with.

20 years ago

honk a donk linger longer

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