the new flat screened iMac

Apple had been super hyping this on their website for weeks with lines such as
“it will change your life”
“This one is big. Even by our standards”
“Count the days. Count the minutes. Count on being blown away,”
“5 days to MacWorld San Francisco. Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond.”

So i was thinking this was gonna be HUGE.

My first impression was, “that’s freakin it?” “just a new freakin iMac?” I wanted something that will change my life. Something that will control my refrigerator and my oven. Something that will hook up to my tv set and VCR and stereo.

i like how the monitor moves in those animations, like a little rabbit. It’s got some personality. And it does look futuristic.
And it is nice to say this is the death of the CRT monitor. And it is loaded compared to what Apple was offering for this last year. Models last year with the same features were going for like $3500 to $4500.

But still, that’s it? I was expecting something much more impactful.

here’s my complaints:
* not for under $999?
* where’s the custom colors?
* not PCI port expandable?
* i don’t like how the speakers are separate (makes too many wires)
* I want to hook this sucker up to my receiver and get Dolby Surround Sound 5.1
* how about a Mac palmpilot, that hooks up to the keyboard

A friend of mine says it looks like a lamp.

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22 years ago

the lamp sucks. apple seems to be heading backwards with their product line. it’s sad that the most versatile mac that i have or have ever worked on is the beige G3 line. those suckers will do anything you want them to. multimedia ports, s-video, EXPANSION, serial (for that older hardware that you’ve grown to love), and OMG they came with microphones! not to mention they have better modem software (caller ID compatible), faster disc drives, DVDs run so smooth! is it just me?!

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