The Snow Marathon: listening to Snow’s “Informer” song non-stop

Snow: informer marathon
A friend at work and I were talking about Vanilla Ice and Snow’s name came up. Y’know the guy who did that reggae song, “Informer” in the mid 90s. Lo and behold iTunes actually sells it from the 12 inches of snow album. I quickly bought it faster than snow melting.

And now I’m seeing how many times i can listen to the song in a row. It’s 11:46am right now and i’m on #11 in a row. Maybe I could go all day long. The song is four minutes 28 seconds long, so by 5:00pm today that will be about 80 consecutive plays. Hopefully by that time, i’ll actually understand the lyrics!

UPDATE: I listened to Snow’s “Informer” 57 times in a row.

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