Top 20 most common words in wrestling names

Out of the existing 720 wrestling names, the most common word is: “Mr.”

Here’s the 20 most common words in names of wrestlers:

Mr (13 occurances)

Big (12 occurances)

Jim (10 occurances)

Kid (10 occurances)

Great (9 occurances)

Johnny (9 occurances)

Von (9 occurances)

Chris (8 occurances)

Erich (8 occurances)

Giant (8 occurances)

King (8 occurances)

Super (8 occurances)

Man (7 occurances)

Mike (7 occurances)

Paul (7 occurances)

Black (6 occurances)

Jimmy (6 occurances)

John (6 occurances)

Kevin (6 occurances)

Masked (6 occurances)

Scott (6 occurances)

Here’s the top 14 adjectives:

Big (12 occurances)

Great (9 occurances)

Giant (8 occurances)

Super (8 occurances)

Black (6 occurances)

Masked (6 occurances)

New (3 occurances)

Yellow (3 occurances)

Borne (2 occurances)

Cold (2 occurances)

Dirty (2 occurances)

Flying (2 occurances)

Mad (2 occurances)

Red (2 occurances)

The top 14 nouns:

Kid (10 occurances)

King (8 occurances)

Man (7 occurances)

Dog (5 occurances)

Master (5 occurances)

Tiger (5 occurances)

Chief (3 occurances)

Destroyer (3 occurances)

Dragon (3 occurances)

Machine (3 occurances)

Patriot (3 occurances)

Samurai (3 occurances)

Stud (3 occurances)

Wizard (3 occurances)

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Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

So are there any wrestlers out there named Mr. Big Kid?

17 years ago

holy cow! i thought of the same thing, Tom! That makes us geniuses.

marirea sanilor
15 years ago

Make no mistake about it though, the violence you see is very real. These men and women are actually being slammed around on the mat, punched (although the facial shots are usually pulled, or fake), kicked, hit in the head with steel chairs, thrown through tables and much more. There really is no way to “fake” being hit in the head with a chair, or slammed through a table, or slammed to the mat.

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