Top 50 photos of 2010

My 50 most interesting photos posted in 2010

The following set was automatically created by dopiaza’s set generator. It’s a really cool script. Every day it checks the popularity ranking of all my photos I posted in 2010 and then ranks them in this 2010 most interesting set.

Fog rolls into Museum Campus and One Museum Park of Chicago I like graffiti in the form of the Chicago flag Fog covers Pru2 in Chicago Aerial view of Blackhawks Stanley Cup celebration parade Chicago City Hall in Christmas red and green lights is like the North Pole. The sky is totally going all Ghostbusters End of summer 2010 Christmas tree by Rosebud Prime in Chicago Panoramic of Michigan Avenue bridge opening over Chicago River Chicago Cubs scorecard from August 4, 2010 - Wrigley Field Chicago City Hall in Christmas red and green lights is like the North Pole. Millennium Park ice rink starts to freeze underneath the Chicago Bean Chicago Art Institute Lions wearing red bubble Christmas wreaths: VI Apple announces iTable at new Apple Store in Chicago's Lincoln Park Chicago Art Institute Lions wearing red bubble Christmas wreaths: 2 FORGIVE (art on the sidewalk) Autumn orange leaves in Millenium Park I like the yellow & blue reflections in the water Orange trees at the gateway for Millennium Park in Chicago Customized Volkswagon VW bug with pimped out bumper of jewels and diamonds Plastic treasure chest at Southeast Tower of Michigan Avenue Bridge in Chicago I like bright yellow leaves Panoramic of downtown Chicago during storm CTA Holiday Train Have some fun today (with bouncy balls) I like obscure historical landmark signs Hot dog stand on Michigan Avenue for Transformers 3 filming VIDEO: Bouncy balls on lightpole across the street from the Chicago Theater Pat Quinn acceptance speech for winning 2010 Illinois Governor Race Creepiest Metra weekend pass ever! The staring eyeball Yellow ginkgo leaf on Chicago Reader box I like bike racks with old worn-out stickers I just got a receipt time-stamped 08/09/10 11:11:11 Giant monster spider invades Chicago Yellow ginkgo leaf on yellow Ryder truck by the headlight I like algae on piers I like see-through elevators Optimus Prime in robot form filmed in Chicago for Transformers movie I'm riding on the same CTA train car with the STANLEY CUP!!! The Berwyn red line beach stop. Lots of sand! Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal ticket booth I like metal identification plates I like caution lights I like seeing my footprints left behind from doing a photoshoot The most organized pumpkin patch ever Christmas tree reflections at Harris Bank in Chicago Yellow ginkgo leaf on side of parking lot pole Target "Fill with Fresh" truck I like old ornamental light fixtures Looking out a porthole window at the Harold Washington Library

I copied the images for this set on December 28, 2010. But the actual set on flickr updates every day, so the set on flickr might be a bit different than the one shown here. If you really like any of these photos, and you want to see it move up in the list, then comment or fav the photo on flickr.

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13 years ago

I am a big fan of your ginkgo leaf series… great idea!

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