Top tweets of November and December 2010

Three hand-picked November tweets from @spudart

It would be fun to trade a USA state with another country’s state for a few years.

Nov 4

If elevators did not exist, how tall would the tallest building be?

Nov 16

When typing on a keyboard, sometimes I like to think that I’m playing a musical instrument.

Nov 30

My three favorite December 2010 tweets, also from @spudart

It would be fun if random cars made elephant sounds for their horns.

Dec 7

Ponders, what is the relationship between squirrels and ewoks in the forest? friends? enemies? co-workers?

Dec 8

I want to make an igloo in Pioneer Court outside of Tribune Tower

Dec 26

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Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

Nov 30 fits well with a post I made about hearing music in everything … including, but not limited to (afterall, I hear music in everything) … loading the dishwasher

Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

Let me see if I can find it for you

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