two-letter words that start with the letter o

There is certainly a lot of them:

OD hypothetical force of natural power

OE Faroean wind

OF coming from

OH to exclaim “oh”

OM mantra used in meditation

ON side of wicket where cricket batsman stands

OP style of abstract art

OR heraldic color gold

OS orifice/bone/ridge of sand (esker)

OW intj. expressing sudden pain

OX hoofed mammal/clumsy person

OY intj. expressing dismay

from the Scrabble two-letter list.

It’s odd that OK is not on this list. It’s not an acronym. How about a poem using only these words? Golly, it’s pretty hard. Maybe if every other word was a two-letter word staring with o. So like, Oh, the ox said ow riding on a oe. I got lazy and didn’t bother finishing it with all the words.

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18 years ago

I don’t think OK is a technically correct word in the english language. I don’t remember why.

18 years ago

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15 years ago

you need to have words with more than two letters but thanks anyway

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