You can recycle empty sugar packets

I just realized that even used sugar packets can be recycled

Sitting in the garbage can at work was a cardboard package for tea. I exclaimed, “What! This can be recycled!” and fished it out of the garbage. Continuing to make my tea, I almost threw out my empty sugar packet when I realized that also can be recycled!

Please! Recycle your empty sugar packets.

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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

Sugar packets! Nice call! I wish my building recycled. Heck! I wish the city recycled. I really want them to develop a REAL plan that works! No more building warehouses to house newspapers. No more LIES in MY building about the giant trash can for “Glass Recycling”. We can do better! By the way, I don’t get nearly as many comments on my orange reusable bags as I did on my blue ones (!)

14 years ago

Equal is not sugar

14 years ago

Every little bit counts! Way to get into that mindset. I guess little things like price tags from clothing can also be recycled… hmm My stepbrother is so good at recycling (and not buying things that come in excessive packaging) that he said he normally only has one tiny shopping bag of trash for an entire month. He’s willing to make trips on his own to recycling collection places, though – most people probably aren’t willing to go that far out of their way. There’s no recycling collection here at all – that’s on my wish list for wherever I move next!

Pokagon Indian
14 years ago

bohzo (hello) Recycling is so important, I like this blog very much. Megwetch (Thank You) for sharing your blog. Have a great day!

14 years ago

I “reuse” sugar packets by collecting them! Have you ever thought about like the meters of paper that is used to make all that sugar packets? a regular sugar packet has like 67 cm^2 of paper.. my collection has 2000 packets.. so i’ve saved 1340 meters of paper that probablly would not be recicled or anything.. plz visit http://www.sugar—

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