We need more mens’ colors for reusable bags

Reusable bags are great. No wasted plastic. Reusable bags last. They have a little bit of style. BUT. As a man, I have a hard time finding reusable bags with a color that is not girly. There’s lots of reds, blues, oranges, yellows, purples, magentas, violets. C’mon.

You might ask, what about black? Black looks like a garbage bag. Hello. I don’t want to walk around public with a garbage bag.

I like a simple green (environmental color!) or a medium gray. chicobag offers a nice moss green–although it’s a little bit satiny. But I own about six and I use them ALL the time.

And now resuable bags offers their ACME bag in charcoal gray. I’m gonna give that a shot.

Color options for Reusable bags

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

HAHA! This is great! I REALLY TRULY want a “real” green (like grass green) for these bags. That’s the color I really want! I bought the blue ones previously and am going with the burnt orange this time around. I don’t really think of colors in terms of male or female but I know people do. Not sure I’d really think of orange as “girlie” but I’m secure enough with who I am that I’ll carry orange with pride :OD

13 years ago

Yay gray! The futuristic silver could match your new robot suit though!

13 years ago

garbage bag black all the way.

13 years ago

I love Baggu resuable bags [http://baggubag.com/”>. They come in tons of colors, including lots of neutrals, and darker, non-girly colors.

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