How are you being environmental?

Things I am currently doing:

  • Put my computer devices on power strips that I only turn on when they are in use.
  • Use my 3.3 watt 2-inch screen tv, instead of the 180 watt tv.
  • Recycle glass, plastic, metal, paper at home and work.
  • Using the laundry dryer less (I max out the laundry lines in the basement of my apartment building. And I even installed a second line, only to have it taken down. But then I put the second line back up again. Take THAT, you laundry line no-users!).
  • No car (this is easy, as I don‚Äôt own one, but I‚Äôm adding a line under the next list).
  • Using compact fluorescent lights (and secretly got my parents hooked on fluorescent!).
  • Using reusable grocery bags.
  • Using all recyclable batteries.

Things I could still do:

  • Take stairs (even though I work on floor 14, but hey! It‚Äôll be good exercise).
  • Take shorter showers (ok, I should put “take less frequent showers, but sounds gross, but there are three days a week where I‚Äôll take a shower in the morning, and then one after a workout. That morning shower is not always necessary).
  • Convince my parents they don‚Äôt have to drive me home every time (instead I can take the train).
  • Buy fewer packaged food products, which also means‚Ä
  • Buy from local farmer markets more often.
  • Use earth-friendly cleaning products.
  • Use recycled garbage bags and toilet paper.
  • Use only cold water for washing laundry.
  • Eat less meat during lunch. I‚Äôm basically vegetarian when I‚Äôm at home. I should try this more at work too.

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Great ideas! How did you “secretly” get your parents hooked on fluorescent bulbs? Where did you finally end up buying your reusable grocery bags? I’m ready to commit. Hooray for not owning a car! I simply don’t understand people who live and work in the city and their “NEED” for a car. The mind boggles. I’ve been thinking about taking the stairs for my health, now I know it will contribute to the environment! I don’t shower every morning either, usually every other day and usually not on the weekends at all. Same goes for shaving. I could probably stop brushing my teeth in the shower, I know that uses a LOT more water than if I did it at the sink, without the water running. The only true recyclables for consumers at home are glass and aluminum. If you put paper [any paper”> in a “recycling” bin, it usually goes to a warehouse built for paper that is supposed to be recycled. Ironic no? The real recyclers of paper are manufacturers of paper.

Kristina Jarosik
Kristina Jarosik
16 years ago

great ideas matt!! the only one i would be cautious about is the second to last one under things i could do. using cold water in the wash cycle is recommended by lots of environmentalists and it is good indeed. problems may result when you do not own your own washing machine. it’s not a good idea to wash on the cold cycle in a community (laundramat or laundry room) environment. Best to use warm in order to ensure your clothes are clean in more ways than one.

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

The one thing I meant to mention along with your farmer’s market goal [or coupled with that idea”> is to eat locally. Eating locally is even better for people and the environment than eating organically. First, you support local farms and farmers. Second, food doesn’t have to travel as far [resulting in less gas and other resources used to travel and fresher foods”>. And third, eating locally can be good for your spirit and human relations. When you frequent the same market and the same stalls, you should get to know the farmers and ask about their work and their food. It will open a dialogue and will result in information and, at least potentially, smiles 🙂

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Ok, back again to let y’all know that I just ordered six permanent grocery bags from reusable bags dot com! Thanks for today’s post, Matt, and the gentle reminder!

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Great story! What made you go with chicobags instead of reuseablebags? I’m pretty sure you’re the one who pointed me towards the reuseable site. I bought six in “moroccan blue”, because they match my eyes … in color … and quantity. Muwahahahahaha! btw, I just got an email from reuseable. They’ve “upgraded” my shipping from USPS to UPS. I’m not sure I consider that an ungrade, especially if they were going to ship USPS Pirority Mail. USPS PM takes no time at all. UPS can take up to 5 business days! UGH! Nevermind, I’ll have them in time for all of the Thanksgiving grocery shopping I’ll be doing soon. I can’t wait to get the millions of compliments that reviewers on the reuseable bag site have allegedly received 😀

16 years ago

Cheers! Not sure how keen I am on the idea of recycling toilet paper though. 😛

16 years ago

i just this lovely “green” website for my employer

16 years ago

i just DESIGNED that should have said 😉

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