12 Cool Diagram Posters

I was searching for some cool posters that featured interesting diagrams, tables or charts. Here’s twelve. Which is your favorite?

Basic Nunchaku Kata poster
from martial arts supermarket
First Maps of the Internet
from thinkgeek.com
Genalogy of Jesus poster
from Rose Publishing
2006 Moon Phase Calendar poster
from astrosociety.org
Bible Timeline Chart
from Bible Lights Publishing

I think my favorite is the moon phase calendar for its simplicity.

The criteria I used for this list was I asked myself, “Would I want to hang this on my walls?” If you find any interesting diagram posters, please leave a link in the comments. Thanks.

(Disclaimer: The Amazon links in this blog post are affiliate links, so I can make a few extra coins to help pay for a fraction of the cost to host this website. #CommissionsEarned)

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I’ve had the moon phase calendar before. That’s pretty cool.

18 years ago

I think they’re all great. If i had to pick one to hang on my wall, it would be the Basic Nunchaku Kata Poster. So when people see that poster, they would know not to mess with me, the Nunchaku Kata masta! kooo poow! I’m digging that 1980s (or 1970s) 3d effect on the headline, too. The poster is only $2.50, but they charge $8.00 to ship it. I hate that!

18 years ago

3rd place goes to: Geneology of Jesus 2nd place goes to: First map of the internet and…… 1st place goes to………. Death and Taxes (b/c I’m in the military… pretty ironic I think….. )

17 years ago

The graph of Napoleon’s march into and out of Russia has always amazed me. It plots the size of the French army from the time of leaving France until its return — against time *and* temperatur. http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~jrubarth/gslis/lis385t.16/Napoleon/

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