All colors brain

If you were to draw a human brain, what color would you make it? It can be any color. Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green.

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Tom Saaristo Saaristo
19 years ago

I don’t think there are enough colors in the world, even between all of the paints, crayons, charcoals, Pantone, etc. for me to accurately portray the human brain in living color. Humans barely use 10% of their brain, and you would need a billion colors just to color that 10%…and of course, you wouldn’t want to use any color more than once.

amy beth
19 years ago


15 years ago

i agree with every1 i’ve always thought that therre might b a color unknown to the human mind, maybe in another dimension or something. I’ve tried to think of what it looks like, but i always come up with a shade of purple. I think the brain doesn’t have 2 b a color. it could be a enviorment, which is made of colors. thats why i like he fire comment.

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