Are you a dork when you say you are a dork?

lahp on twitter said: “We’ve already had a discussion about Klingon cloaking devices this ayem. Yep. We’re dorks.”

When you say that you are a dork, doesn’t that diminishes your dorkness? Dorks don’t admit to being dorks.

Or can you safely call yourself a dork and still be one?

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14 years ago

There are different levels to the dork culture. Those that are self-admitting dorks aren’t dorks of the highest degree. Certainly many factors are involved in grading one’s dorkiness. Self-recognition certainly lowers the status level.

Lisa Schryver
14 years ago

“But wanting to declare you are a dork just to look cool.” Isn’t that an oxymoron? A non-dork saying you’re a dork to be “cool”? UNLESS this person is actually a Level 2, 3 or 4 dork but wants to lessen the appearance of his or her dorkiness by saying “oh yeah, I’m such a dork.”

14 years ago

YOU FORGOT ABOUT NUMBER 5: D.O.R.K. Dynamite Outta-sight Radical Kid.

Winona Patterson
Winona Patterson
14 years ago

A co-worker called me a dork today when I launched into a long explanation of exactly why The Rutles is so funny. Winona, Stage 2 Dork

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