Chicago has the WORST “I voted stickers”

Chicago MUST have the lamest sticker EVER, because it’s not even a sticker. It’s a lame piece of paper. And it’s not even in color. It’s just in black and white. Part of me wonders if someone at my voting location stole all the stickers and just made up their own xerox copy. And then this person wallpapered his/her house with the real stickers. Jerk.

I should just make my own stickers and bring them to the voting location and ask them to hand those out instead. “I voted, so I rule.” and then in fine print underneath, “If you didn’t vote, you drool.” See, it rhymes. Here’s how it would look:

if you didn’t, you drool.

Update March 15, 2016: After voting for the first time outside Chicago, I’ve come to realize that I kinda like Chicago’s paper ballot receipts now

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16 years ago

Hahahahha that sticker is hilarious. To think Chicago is supposed to be one of the more progressive cities in the country.

16 years ago

at least your receipt has the date on it. DuPage County (west burbs of Chicago) hands out the exact same sticker at every single election.

16 years ago

Wow.. even my stuffed monkey Fumbles got an “I VOTED” sticker! You can see him being all democratic here.

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Unfortunately I think the pride of voting over-shadows the lame-o slips of paper. I know people who still display them with pride. If you created something super cool to hand out, you might actually get more people to vote!

15 years ago

holy crap! i know kent bye; we went to school together! that is totally awesome. what a small world. and PS. your blog doesn’t tell me when someone replies to my comments even if I click the box 🙁

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