Chicago welding classes?

In college, I built a CD tower out of rebar (Click on the above photos to view larger images). Apparently, I’m not that great of a welder, cuz the joints broke after moving out of my parents and into my place 3 years later. So wrapping this heavy twine around the joints was meant to keep it together. It was always in my mind that it looked good, but just now upon closer inspection, the twine is quite messy. 🙂

Anyhow, the point of this post is to illustrate that I would like to take a welding class in Chicago. Does anybody know of some good places? The Evanston Art Center offers some welding classes, but that’s a bit far away. Someone suggested some union or trade school, but where are they?

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19 years ago

oh joy. matt is going to weld more stuff which translates into more heavy crap to carry the next time he moves.

Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

Prairie State is right near my loft. Evanston isn’t that far from where you currently live. Erik, you haven’t learned the tricks of helping others move? Save the heavy stuff for them! It should be especially easy for something that Matt made! “Oh dude! I didn’t want lift it in case I dropped it and it broke!” ;^”>

sydney k.
sydney k.
19 years ago

are there any stick/mig/tig welding classes in chicago? not the artsy classes…and not classes in the crime ridden neighborhoods where your truck will be emptied out by the time you get out of class…. for example somewhere on the northsie of chicago or the northern suburbs?

19 years ago

Did you ever find a welding class? I live up in Mundelein and I’m looking for the same thing. Thanks for the AWS info, I’m going to check them out. I race stock cars, just started, and I think welding is going to be a good skill to have. 🙂

18 years ago

Also wondering if you ever found a good location for welding classes. Thanks.

17 years ago

Elgin , Il has welding classes. Elgin Community College 1700 Spartan Drive Elgin, IL 60123 U.S.A. (847) 697-1000

Tig Welders
14 years ago

I need complete detail of these classes.There plasma, mig and tig weldiers tutors.I am interesting to learn about tig, mig and plasma cutters.

Guiracocha Wilfrido
11 years ago

por favor quisiera saber una escuela para soldadores que den clases

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