Crazy parking job in Chicago’s Lincoln Square

Just a couple blocks from my apartment a car did a crazy parking job. jacklydon on flickr captured the moment with nine photos. After leaving a comment on one photo, I started to have fun leaving comments on other photos. It ends up that each photo in the series now has a funny comment. 🙂

DSCN0017 by jacklydonI saw the aftermath of this, we were wondering what had happened. Now i know. Thanks! It looks like this car wanted to parkthere really badly.
DSCN0014 by jacklydonNice parking job.
DSCN0009 by jacklydon The way people park these days. Sheesh.
DSCN0015 by jacklydon Only later did this person realize that this Subway is not a drive-thru.
DSCN0016 by jacklydon I know sometimes I have an insatiable craving for a cold cut combo and I'll say,"nothing will stop me from getting my cold cut combo" But c'mon, this is a little excessive.
DSCN0012 by jacklydon Someone gave this person bad directions. No,you're supposed to drive THROUGH the Lincoln Square gate, not INTO it.
DSCN0010 by jacklydon Google Maps FAIL. Don't park your car according to GPS coordinates, they may be a little bit off.
DSCN0011 by jacklydon Oh, this car had dreams of being a bicycle. Free to roam the sidewalks.

Do you have any funny captions for these photos?

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