Decade of Champions: Estonia rules AGAIN in wife-carrying competition

On July 8, 2007 Estonia continued their strong-hold dominance of the greatest international competition–the wife carrying competition! This is the tenth year in a row an Estonian has won the competition. I am so proud to have Estonian blood flowing through my Estonian veins!

I need to send the Uusorg brothers a gift.

Pictured above is Estonia’s Madis Uusorg and his wife Inga Klauso winning the wife carrying World Championships in Finland, 2007.

Here is a snapshot of PURE ESTONIAN DOMINANCE!

* 2007 – Madis Uusorg (Estonia) and Inga Klauso (Estonia). time 61.7 seconds

* 2006 – Margo Uusorg (Estonia) and Sandra Kullas (Estonia) time 56.9 seconds (World record)

* 2005 – Margo Uusorg (Estonia) and Egle Soll (Estonia).

* 2004 – Madis Uusorg (Estonia) and Inga Klauso (Estonia) time 65.3 seconds.

* 2003 – Margo Uusorg (Estonia) and Egle Soll (Estonia) time 60.7 seconds.

* 2002 – Meelis Tammre (Estonia) and Anne Zillberberg (Estonia) time 63.8 seconds.

* 2001 – Margo Uusorg (Estonia) and Birgit Ullrich (Estonia) time 55.6 seconds.

* 2000 – Margo Uusorg (Estonia) and Birgit Ullrich (Estonia) time 55.5 seconds.

* 1999 – Imre Ambos (Estonia) and Annela Ojaste (Estonia) time 64.5 seconds.

* 1998 – Imre Ambos (Estonia) and Annela Ojaste (Estonia) time 69.2 seconds.

* 1997 – Jouni Jussila (Finland) and Tiina Jussila (Finland) time 65 seconds.

(There are more photos from these years in a previous blog post).

One of these years I’m going to Finland to participate in this competition. I would LOVE to win, but if I don’t, I will be more than happy to shake the hand of my Estonian brother who does win.

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14 years ago

that has got to be the weirdest race i have ever heard of!! where do you FIND this stuff, Matt?

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