FUN AT WORK: Act like a robot when making tea

Next time you make tea in the kitchen at work, make every movement of your body be like a robot. Focus on doing only one movement at a time and exaggerate the motion by doing the robot dance sort of thing. It’s lots of fun!

(I’m assuming this will work for coffee too)

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15 years ago

Feedburner hasn’t updated its rss feed to include this yet.. I had to check here manually to make sure you didn’t miss a day for posting. :-/ Not to blogwhore (any more than I have been :-P) but I think you might have fun trying out the Algorithm March while at work.. even better if you can find ninjas to do it with you. Or ningas if you’re desperate. Video at

15 years ago

pMachine.. *snicker*

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
15 years ago

Hmm… tea seems like a safer bet especially if you’re pouring hot water from a kettle (with spout!) or using the “hot water” tap of the water cooler. These eliminate any potential disfiguring burns. Coffee, however, is typically obtained from a coffee pot (open top with a wider, less precise spout.) Pouring coffee robot style would eliminate the bending of the wrist that’s required, thus forcing you move the entire arm instead. If you’re a bad aim or you tilt the pot a little too much, you’re going to be swimming in coffee. Stick with robot tea. Robots like it.

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