Good examples of photographing LEGO

I’ve been into the idea of photographing LEGOs, so I did some research on flickr to see what was possible. Here are photos by other flickr members:

WIP drone walker by Don Solo front iso detail by Don Solo Watch that spare, Indy! [p52 w2] by Don Solo Lego Portrait by Balakov LEGO Indiana Jones (photo) by Dunechaser Tiananmen Square by Balakov Monk On Fire by Balakov Hoofden by .eti "so... when will you..." by icedsoul "what's..." by icedsoul "...mamaaa, just killed a man..." by icedsoul "heeelloooohooo...?!..." by icedsoul Michelle Kwan by Dunechaser And now for something completely different. by Dunechaser Lunch Atop a Skyscraper - Widescreen by Balakov Moon Landing by Balakov Outdoor Biker by Balakov Indybaby by Balakov Lego Christmas Portraits - Imperial by Balakov Imperial Cutbacks by Balakov Speeder by Balakov Aftermath by Balakov Armageddon War Tank by Nannan Z. Albert Einstein by Dunechaser minifig books # 1: A Christmas Carol by minifig Falso d'autore 11 - pari opportunit� by udronotto Iron Giant  - With Hogarth by graznador The Beatles, Abbey Road by Dunechaser LEGO Sport City (behind the scenes) by Dunechaser LEGO Sport City (behind the scenes) by Dunechaser Homage to Maurizio Cattelan by udronotto Le baiser de l'Hotel de Ville - Hommage  Doisneau - copia d'arte by udronotto Raising the flag on Iwo Jima by Balakov Micro Flying Citadel by DARKspawn Falso d'autore 2 - inside a bus by udronotto this is Roy... Roy the killbot by Don Solo Minifig Famous People # 17: Dick Cheney by minifig stopped by police by regolare What do you mean, "Inferiority Complex?" by DARKspawn copia d'arte - Nighthawks - Nottambuli - Hopper by udronotto Setup of Jelly Wrestling by Jarod_Uses_Film LEGO Sport City by HKLUG by Dunechaser Lego olympic national aquatics center by kennywucy Batman: The Dark Knight by Jarod_Uses_Film Darth Vader by Jarod_Uses_Film

These are all in my flickr favorites

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Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
15 years ago

Wow, that pic of the Olympic LEGO village is awesome. I’m guessing that took some serious time and talent.

teymur "icedoul"
15 years ago

thank you for the faves and the posting! 🙂

halo 4
15 years ago

These are fantastic!! Now, could I get my kids to build something like these? No, they can learn to spell instead!!

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