LEGO blocks as budding flower

What a wonderful idea! The “growing” of the LEGO piece, but also the notion of having a Sunday Sketch series, looking at a familiar object and reinterpreting it.

LEGO bricks or limestone: which is more durable?

Old skyscrapers falling apart because of their limestone exterior. Over time the limestone becomes weak and crumbles. Restoration projects take quite some time to replace the damaged limestone. The Crains Communication building in Chicago is going through an extensive limestone removal process. The past couple months I’ve been watching the process outside my work window …

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LEGO is sending minifigs to Jupiter

Aboard NASA’s journey to Jupiter will be LEGO mini-statues of Jupiter, his wife Juno, and Galileo. Why? CNN reports, “LEGO is partnering with NASA to promote children’s interest in science, math, engineering and technology.” Are they going to offer these minifigs to the public? If they want kids interest, they better offer these minifigs to …

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Good examples of photographing LEGO

I’ve been into the idea of photographing LEGOs, so I did some research on flickr to see what was possible. Here are photos by other flickr members: These are all in my flickr favorites

No toys in downtown Chicago

Walgreens no longer has a toy section in its downtown Chicago stores. With the redesign of Walgreens floor layout last summer, they completely eliminated their toy section. So now other than the Lego Store on Michigan Avenue, there is a complete absence of toys in downtown Chicago. How sad. Here’s the gradual disappearance: Toys R …

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Lego Costume Research

My girlfriend and I decided to be LEGO blocks for halloween. Here’s what I found online for LEGO costumes. Almost all of them are based on wearing a box. We both know from the past that is way too cumbersome. But it’s interesting to see what works with the peg treatment, and what doesn’t work. …

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LEGO mosaic robot

I have a new piece of art in the art gallery on Feel free to leave a comment at the lego mosaic robot page.