Lego Costume Research

My girlfriend and I decided to be LEGO blocks for halloween. Here’s what I found online for LEGO costumes. Almost all of them are based on wearing a box. We both know from the past that is way too cumbersome. But it’s interesting to see what works with the peg treatment, and what doesn’t work.

Here’s an example of what cups to NOT use. The pegs look totally dumb here.

An interesting treatment for the back. However, we want our backs to be functional to be able to connect our lego blocks together.

Even has a lego costume suggestion! Here they have you using a 24″x24″ board. Interesting, but not quite what we want.

Notice the dude on the right, he has a cool treatment for the lego hands. It looks like a margarine tube cut in half. Then attach a stick to one end of each of the halves. Then just put your hands inside your sleeves and hold onto the lego hands.

This looks like the only one that didn’t use cups for the pegs. Not sure if it really looks any better. Maybe even worse.

It’s essential to make the paint job equal all over. Otherwise, you end up with different color pegs from the block. Then again, we might be just stapling or sewing our pegs onto a colored shirt for maximum flexibility.

For 12 more pics, click the comments below.
And here’s just a bunch more box-based costumes:

And just for fun, here’s some Lego Minifig costumes. They look like way too much work, and are too cumbersome. But fun to look at:


funny stormtroopers!

how awkward are these!

here’s a funny dude on the train. Note the interesting usage of hands. These are good to consider, because you can actually change the grip on them.

See how it looks like the grips are merely a paper plate with some sort of plastic vinyl covering.

Maybe we could do a cool ray gun like this dude.

There’s this site that has ideas on how to have a LEGO PARTY! WHAT FUN!

–Build a tower. Katie’s dad dumped a bunch of LEGOs on the floor, then timed guests to see who could build the tallest structure in two minutes.

–Guess how many LEGOs are in a jar.

–Pin the LEGO on the…LEGO. Create a landscape with an integral piece missing, such as a boat’s deep-sea diver or a castle’s flag, and, with eyes closed, kids must take turns trying to place it in the right spot.

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Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

OK, now how about pictures of the two of you as Legos?

17 years ago

Looks are one thing, but I am truly impressed with your stated dedication to Lego costume functionality: “[W”>e want our backs to be functional to be able to connect our lego blocks together.” Now, that would be very cool indeed…

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