Lego makes robot kits, Johnny Five come alive!

Lego is going to be revamping their Mindstorms line–the robotic line of Lego. 9,600 people worldwide applied for Lego’s Mindstorms call for great developers. Lego selected 100 people to work on the product line.

In Lego’s image library for the Mindstorms is the super cool robot pictured above. However, doesn’t he strike a striking similiarity to Johnny Five of “Short Circuit” fame?

While doing a search for Johnny Five, there are some other interesting notes. A couple years ago the creator of Johnny Five was considering releasing the blueprints to this adored robot, so people can build their own. Toy RC Johnny/Blueprints May Be Coming.

And the creator is even more recently interested in licensing Johnny Five.

And on a total side note, Daniele Benedettelli who made a real live working replica of Johnny Five in lego. It’s not a kit, this is totally custom made. It’s quite an incredible and beautiful work. You simply must check out Daniele’s website to see the wonderful detail. Please remember, this is completely custom, and not a kit. Please do not ask Daniele about purchasing a kit, because it is not a kit.

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17 years ago

I am a Electronics Engineer with over 20 years exp. in Control applications I would love to be on team.

13 years ago

best lego ever

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