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Good local Chicago ad by DHL?

On a bus shelter on Michigan Avenue in Chicago is an advertisement for DHL. I’m quite suprised to see that it’s customized for Chicago–and quite funny at that too. At first I was wondering if this could be a generic ad that could run in any city–which it could be. But the fact that where the north side and the south side begins and ends is so Chicago.

But actually now that I think about it, there is kind of an in between. Isn’t downtown the “in between” of the north and south side? I don’t consider the loop to be the north side.

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Then where is the United Center? That’s west side. I think the ad is stupid. Chicago is just not north side and south side. There is a section of Chicago that’s considered west side.

Tom Saaristo

Uh, yeah! HELLO! I live “in between” … I guess DHL doesn’t want to drive around downtown in their big fancy yellow trucks >:^O


it would be more useful if DHL would improve their actual service instead of spending their ad budget, I have spent four days trying to get a hold o fhte local Chicago DHL office to tell them the address on the package IS correct, andthe phone number and instructions, and that they should just DELIVER IT…as I have to back to work tomorrow!! Local office 312-922-6852 doesnt answer phone…Im calling their corp office next…