Groundhog Day Card 2002

Groundhog’s Day Card 2002

On 02/02/2002 Groundhog’s day, these two groundhogs both came out of their homes to predict the spring or winter. However you cannot have two groundhogs predicting the season. Therefore, it made most logical sense for them to duke it out in croquet for the title of “Groundhog Supreme.” See a couple of their battles at:

The two portly groundhogs appear in their pajamas, one in dotted boxers and no shirt, the other in striped pajama bottoms and an “a-shirt.” They don’t have any names yet, if you think of any please leave them in the comments on this page.

Front of Card:

Inside Spread of Card:

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16 years ago

i love these little guys can i get one of these?

16 years ago

where’s the stripes and doted boxers?

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

I still think this is a great idea for a serial. It is completely unique and yet familiar. The characters are cute and there is a story! As far as names, I think you should look to your croquet league and adopt some nicknames from your crew … or use them as inspiration for new names. Heh heh … if you named one of them “Predator” I’d be flattered.

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