how to search for dramatic photos

I’m designing a brochure for KRT Campus, and I was looking for some dramatic images. Normally, you’d do a search for: drama, dramatic, powerful, happy, sad, joyful, and all those other words in the thesaurus. But here’s a trick… look for the verbs that play out those adjectives. The two best ones were: cry and jump. Crying images are ALWAYS dramatic. And people jumping. Well, people jumping are gonna be great happy photos or sports players in their most dramatic moments of action.

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laura k.
laura k.
17 years ago

did you use any images of people crying in your brochure? probably that wouldn’t be the best attitude to illustrate about college. 😉

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

You should be calling your rep at Getty Images 😉

laura k.
laura k.
17 years ago

i use getty’s comp downloads for my class projects.

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