Interpreting 50cent’s tweet about Gunnar sunglasses

50cent recently tweeted this nonsense:

Tweetin with my gunnar glasses on trick! u aint got these suckas. get ur money right ima get like 50 new hoes wit Aug 30 21:38:50 via Twitpic50cent

His tweet doesn’t really make much sense. Let’s break it down:

— Tweetin with my gunnar glasses on trick!

He’s got Gunnar sunglasses on. He’s tweeting. He puts in “trick” cuz he’s especially excited. Or I’m assuming that’s what “trick” means.

–u aint got these suckas.

He’s bragging that nobody else has these sunglasses. Oh, aren’t you special. You get to have sunglasses that other people don’t have. Oh, i’m so jealous.

— get ur money right

He’s telling us to get our money right. So I’m supposed to get my money in order. He’s telling us if you only had a better money software managing system, then you would have enough money to afford Gunnar sunglasses. Get ur ons to git yr Gunnars and yo hoes.

— ima get like 50 new hoes wit these

Apparently women will date a man because he has cool sunglasses. Hmmm. And not only will women go after a man just because of his sunglasses, but he will get 50, that’s right, FIFTY women. But if there are fifty women in one room, they won’t all be able to see his sunglasses. There will be too many women. Will he sit them all on a bus, and then he’ll walk up and down the aisle with his Gunnars?

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12 years ago

“trick” is equivalent to ho,prostitute, etc etc

12 years ago

oh matty he’s saying like “I got my Gunnar sunglasses on PUNK”

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