My gummi bear featured by mental_floss magazine

Hey, my illustration of a gummi bear made it into the mental_floss magazine blog. They wrote a post called “The Many Uses for Gummi Bears” where they included an image of my drawing and the following text:

Gummi Bears are such an icon that artists are inspired. This Gummi Bear is an oil pastel drawing on paper, for sale through Deviant Art.

It was nice of them to give a link to the page where I’m selling prints of them. So far just one print was sold.

You can see the entire blog post here:

BEWARE: It may not be safe for work. Just above my drawing is a picture of a gummi bear bra. Crazy.

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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

It would have been nice if they would have mentioned your name in the article. Very cool nonetheless.

14 years ago

gummi bears rule

14 years ago

I think you will like this photoset on Flickr 🙂

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