Piero’s Proses: Part 7 of 7: Questions

“Now is time for question, please anyone ask question. One question, ten dollars. Two question, eight dollars. Three question, five dollars.”

He said this in joking, of course. It was his way of encrouraging people to ask more questions. The more questions you ask, it actually gets cheaper. Which is a nice idea. Don’t just ask one question, it benefits you to ask more questions.

Source: 9/23/2004 talk by Italian designer Piero Lissoni at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

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Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

I don’t think I can take much more of this guy! Are we [i”>sure[/i”> he didn’t escape from some Italian loony bin?

laura k.
laura k.
17 years ago

well tom, it’s the last part [7 of 7″>! so you don’t have to take ANY more. spud, did you ask questions? what did you ask him? and did you give him money? 😉

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