List of recommended podcasts, March 2021

Under five minutes:
• Biz in 60 seconds
• WSJ minute briefing
• LensWork
• Little Happier
• 60-second science
• 2-minute jazz

Conversational style:
• The BeanCast (marketing)
• Circulating Ideas (librarians)
• Happier with Gretchen Rubin (life hacks)
• MBMBaM (comedy)
• ReCode Media (tech/business)
• Something You Should Know
• Hidden Brain
• Hidden Forces
• 40 Minutes In The Old Testament
• Christianity on Trial

• Bible Project (by far my #1 most listened-to)
• 99% Invisible
• Brought to you by
• Stuff you should know

Ok, that’s a lot. Let’s narrow it down to three. Bible Project, LensWork, Something You Should Know
(I left these three as a comment at

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